Carole Folsom-Hill for Yakima City Council

"Together Moving Yakima Forward"

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Hello, I’m Carole Folsom-Hill and I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit the Carole for Council website.  I’m running for Yakima City Council position #7.


To listen, learn, and serve the people of Yakima, in so doing inspire others to take action which moves the community of Yakima forward in a healthy way.

Why I’m Running

Making a difference in Yakima is everyone’s goal, yet often we do not know how. My goal is to connect people with local government. I will call upon my leadership skills and experiences developed through many years of active involvement and commitment serving our community.  My career and passion to serve has grown from community life, faith, small business ownership, public service, and organizational leadership.

Values that guide my service and relationships are authenticity, transparency, compassion and a personal commitment to improving Yakima’s well being.

When elected I commit to listen, learn and serve. I invite you to join with me. Become a supporter. Talk to your friends and family about Yakima's future. Share your ideas and resources of time and money.

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